maandag 13 mei 2013

The Old Hill

It seems that I just cannot find the time to keep up with my blog. So sorry for this.
The last theme I have presented was this spring and was called "The Old Hill". This is a shop where animals are having a leading role. Just look at the pictures and enjoy!

zondag 11 november 2012

Olivier & Co

When there was a Old Bear House with all it's inhabitants, it would be logical if there would come a bear shop. Well: here it is OLIVIER & CO. The teddy bears can buy anything here: from fabrics to spices, from bread to tea.

Front view of Olivier & Co.
This shop was a real challenge for me to make: half scale but filled with detail like as in 1:12th scale.

Bakery Corner. 
All the furniture is called the Olivier Series and is laser cut. There is a great choice of graphics that create an amazing addition to the furniture. There are graphics in Dutch and in English, which you can combine endlessly.

The Grocery and Spice department.
 It took me several months to make the Old Bear House and the Olivier & Co Shop, but, oh gosh, what a joy to do so!

zaterdag 10 november 2012

The Inhabitants of the Old Bear House

After a hard day work (helping Papa Bear), it is so nice to get into a warm bath! A drop of water is on the little bears nose and on the back of his head. The same as with the chicken on the other photo: I alsways wondered why not do something else with a teddy bear: why not putting him into a bath????? 

Tiny wet paws are on the floor. Dripping onto the carpet, rubbing the fur on his back dry......oh, never mind...the fire is nice and warm and this will dry in a minute!

Into the corner is little Brenda playing with her coocker and tiny dollhouse. Have you seen the little turtle? He is bringing back the books that have been read. 

Oh, Oh, what have we done.....quick, hide, if I cannot see mama, than she cannot see me.......or does she???? 
Are we both hidden for mama? What do you think?

From the bear kit Buster, I changed it into a girl. Eating her banana, she is helping her mother with bringing all the food to the dining table on the patio. Gosh, what will they all enjoy eating here, later on this evening!

It was real lovely to make this project and when the lamps are shining and the fire is burning, Oh boy, I have to admit I'm a bit proud of it. It has turned up to be a real cosy house and I just keep looking  at it :).

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Old Bear House

The bears kits of Emily Farmer are absolutely wonderful to make. I made them each with an own character and a playing a part of their own story. But ...... they had still have to live somewhere? 
The "Old Bear House" is specially made for these bears and is althought it is in the half scale, it is very easy to work in and with. This is due to the height of the ceilings. My bears just love to live in this gorgeous old cosy house. This house I presented at the International Dollhouse Fair in Apeldoorn (Holland) in October 2012.

I used hobby clay to give the walls a nice old look, to make a chimney (there is real smoke comming out of the chimney!!) and to make the roof. This is very simple to do. You can just use cheap glue for wood and paste the clay onto this. It will hold perfectly.

I found some gorgeous plants and flowers that I just love to use. They are laser cut and you can even paint them if you wish to do so. I use them for almost verything now for the half scale as nice flowers, plants for in the garden, as weed and as spices. But I also use them frequently in the 1/12th scale as small garden plants and flowers and as weed. Just let you imagination go, there are so many possibilities!
On the photo below, you can also see the use of the plants and.....papa Bear! 
He is going to dispose some "weed" and garden waste.
The chicken on his head is just a funny detail. I thought: Why only placing them on the ground...they love to sit high :).

zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Serie Florentine Shop Furniture

This is the first project of the joint venture with the whole line of furniture (and more...) of the Haberdashery Shop. All the kits are laser cut, so they fit perfectly together. All kits come with a legenda, instructions with photo's and are easy to make. You will be stunned by the result! They are available now in our webshop


vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Respect Marga!

My dear friends, 
Do you remember the Peacock Room I have made for my best friend Marga?
Well, I want you all to know her. This is Marga, my best friend. A joy to to know her, a pure woman. I wish you all have had the opportunity to know her. Marga would have enriched your world. Enriched with humor, knowledge, but above all with love, warmth, feelings and emotion. Marga is the type of woman that every day really lived and experienced this and luckely still does.
Respect dear Marga.
Respect for your fight against the cancer.
Respect for how you deal with the last message about how you are losing the fight to this disease.
Respect for your curiosity about what will be on "the other side".
Respect .... just for who you are!
You deserve to be known by everyone.
I love you into the depths of my soul.

Mijn lieve miniatuur vrienden,

Herinneren jullie je de pauwenkamer nog die ik voor mijn beste vriendin gemaakt had? Welnu, ik wil jullie Marga voorstellen. Dit is Marga, mijn beste vriendin. Een genot om haar te kennen, een zuiver mens. Ik zou wensen dat jullie allemaal in de gelegenheid waren kennis met haar te maken. Marga zou jullie wereld hebben verrijkt. Verrijkt met humor, kennis, maar zeker ook met liefde, warmte, gevoel en emotie. Marga is het type vrouw die elke dag ook echt geleefd en ervaren heeft en dit gelukkig nog steeds doet.
Respect lieve Marga.
Respect hoe je de strijd tegen de kanker bent aangegaan.
Respect voor hoe je het laatste bericht over je verlies tegen deze ziekte ontvangt. Respect voor jouw nieuwsgierigheid over wat er aan "de anders kant" zal zijn. Respect....gewoon voor wie je bent!
Je verdient het om door iedereen gekend te zijn.
Ik hou van je tot in het diepst van mijn ziel.

maandag 23 juli 2012

Haberdashery Shop

Hello all you miniatures lovers!

It has been quite a while that I was on FB, but now I'm back again.
First of all I hope you are all in good health and are enjoying the miniatureworld more than ever.

In the last few months I have made a Haberdashery shop.
In Arnhem at the International Doll House Fair, I presented the Haberdashery Shop. This turned out to be such a success: people seems to want to imitate the shop.  
We (Jacomine of and I) decided to work together (joint venture). Jacomine developing the cabinets and other small furniture and my share of the joint venture is to make the graphics especially for these designs. Our first product together is the serie Florentine (the complete furniture of the Haberdashery shop and much more in this style). The great thing about this theme is that all items in the sewing shop are available at Many kits are especially designed and the materials, used in the shop such as the fabrics, we have in stock in our webshop. In the coming posts I will each time highlight a part from the Haberdashery Shop. But for now ...... look and enjoy!