maandag 26 juli 2010

Charles Dickens Emporium

A while ago I bought The Charles dickens Emporium. I have great plans but too little time..... I think you will recognize this! I'm still in love with the house and am working to change it into a styl I love. It is much work, but the result is the only thing that counts. A wel, it will be a project for may years, I think....

The Charles Dickens Emporium as I bought it.

The changes on the sides. The rooftiles I made one by one...phoe....loads of work.
The quality of the pictures are not that great, but you will get an idea of how it will be (I hope....)

I saw a scene in a magazine and I liked it so much, that I tried to make such a scene in miniature for the kitchen of The Charles dickens house. Here you can see how the kitchen will be (I think....).

This scene I love so much!!
I just have to make this in miniature.
I haven't started yet, but when it will be finished I will put the pictures onto the blog.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful house. I think it will be a project that will keep you busy for a number of years.
    Hoe ecxciting!

  2. This looks like a great project to follow. I think you've caught your inspirational table in miniature very well. It's a lovely property.

  3. It's a great house and I fully unerstand your love for it and the lack of time as well... I also have a 12 scale victorian dollhouse which I'm going to furnish and decorate but I just don't have that much time...

    And I love your miniature kitchen, it's perfect ! The style suits the house very well.

  4. It is a great house for a long-term project Janny and already you have started to bring life and character into it. The kitchen you have planned looks superb and with such fantastic inspirational photos it will be interesting following your progress!

  5. Hoi Janny, wat leuk dat je ook een blog hebt en wat een mooi project. De keukenmeubels met decoratie zijn práchtig!! Je hebt gouden handjes, dit zal een prachtig huis gaan worden. Leuk om het hier te kunnen volgen.
    Gr. Nancy

  6. Love the house. The kitchen furniture is exquisite.

  7. I really really love this house and your work is just as amazing , befitting in every single tiny way the character of this house. Sighhhhhh....too wonderful for words :)

  8. Prachtig huis Janny, en de dakpannen zijn geweldig. Heb je ze van karton gemaakt of is 't ander materiaal?
    Ik blijf je volgen hoor.

    groet Heleni

  9. Prachtig huis en het belooft wat, gaat vast helemaal super worden.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  10. ¡Vaya que cambio! Es un rabajo muy grande, claro que te costará tiempo terminarlo, pero no tengas prisa y disfruta cada paso. La cocina que quieres hacer es muy acogedora, ya veré cómo la haces tú. Enhorabuena por la casa. Besos. Clara

  11. How wonderful! Apart from the fact that I love Dickens as a writer, this house is wonderful, impressive! Is easy to see that potential endless: you will not be difficult to make a masterpiece! Still life you've recreated on the kitchen table is so beautiful and every detail is perfect, the color a little dusty adds a special touch...
    I like, I look forward to seeing the developments :-)
    Mini Hugs, Flora

  12. The house is beautiful! Can't wait to see this scene in miniature!

  13. Prachtig, je huis. Een echte 'Wow' factor......... Helemaal de stijl waar ik weg van ben. Dat dakpannen maken herken ik. Al de dakpannen van mijn heksenhuisje zijn ook stuk voor stuk gemaakt. Een hoop werk, maar het is het dubbel en dwars waard. Wat mooi gaat het ook van binnen worden. Je hebt er oog voor, dat moest ik ook eens gaan leren.......
    Dag hoor

  14. Janny, The house is wonderful and I love what you have done to the exterior so far. The rooftop has turned out perfect! I really love everything that you have for your kitchen and how you have duplicated your inspiration photo! You have done an excellent job on it. I look forward to seeing all of the progress!!