woensdag 24 november 2010

Shabby Table

These are the things I like to do: making furniture looks like it has been a long time in the family and it is cherished by the lady of the house. Slowly I dream away and make a story:
The sound of chirping of the birds is gently comming through the open windows. A lady is relexed reading in the fashion magazines and is sipping of her morning cup of tea.  
With a languid feeling, she thinks: "Life is so beautiful." 
And...you know waht?
She is totally right!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Very beautiful miniatures!Charme and chic!I love your works!

  2. Gorgeous furniture and such a pretty setting.

  3. that is so beautifull , so well done , it looks awesomely real
    love from Frederica

  4. That's such a lovely photo. I like this style very much and you're right - it tells a story!

  5. Such a peaceful little scene. I'd love to sip my tea t a table like yours. Rosanna

  6. I see the Lady get up, wrapped in a fluffy dressing gown, and going to watch from behind the window panes, the icy garden, dressed all in white: Christmas is coming ...

  7. Beautiful scene you have made. I love the way that everything just fits in its place. Drinking a cup of the, looking at the pictures at the table and just enjoy life on a sunday morning

  8. Wat een sfeertje Janny, prachtig hoor.

    groet Heleni

  9. usted logro hacer una bella historia de una bella imagen.
    un abrazo

    you get to do a beautiful story of a beautiful image.
    a hug

  10. That is a lovely scene, all those little treasures on the table, and shawl softly draped over the chair in case there is a cool breeze, very relaxed looking.

  11. Encantadora escena. Me encanta la caida que le das a las telas.
    Besos Clara