maandag 30 mei 2011

First price in Germany!!! wins award at the Dollhouse Fair in Germany!

Wow now that’s some big letters, but we are very proud to receive an award and if we had had a tail, all coffee cups would be of the table.

It was exciting, at 16.00 hours, the winner will be announced who would have the best stand of the fair. It was 16.15 hours, finally, we heard 'Achtung Achtung ...', then .. a whole story about something special was going on. We were listening and finally we heard what was going on. and Graham and Graham did receive the same amount of votes, so we ended up in a draw.

This shared first place was definitely not a shame; as Graham & Graham (Elfy and Robert) had a fully furnished castle, which left a stunning impression on you. Fortunately, our stand left the same impression and with such a 'competitor', you really get wings when you take the first price together.

211 exhibitors from 12 countries, our first visit to the International Dollhouse Fair in Germany and then this!

It makes you grateful and humble and one always have hope, but to really win .......?????  Wonderful!

How did the fair go for us? (You'd almost forget)

Rheda-Wiedenbrück the new location for the 'exhibition' in Germany. A very large location with superb spacious paths for visitors and lots of space for exhibitors. Long story short: perfectly organized.

After all the preparations at home (and a lot of thinking) we made pictures of the setup at home and armed with these pictures, we decorated the stand. Despite all the preparations still a lot of work, but wonderful to see that the desired result grew under our hands.

The first day began quite amazing. We received many compliments from colleagues and later on our customers and visitors. Our seven new series we did present for the first time and all the other specials were "admired" and got a lot of attention from the visitors and various miniature magazines (yeah!!!!).
Ultimately, the second day became a real treat for us. Really all nationalities have shown up at our stand and we have had, aside from the fact that won a shared first price, a tiring but very nice weekend that we will not forget very soon.

Through this way we want to thank everyone for the compliments and congrats, And we????? ..... We have wings....and very big smiles on our face.


We were also very proud to present at the fair the most beautiful embroidery art-work from The Ivory Tower (Aukje Bakker). She designes everything of her own and the stiches are so tiny that one can hardly see them. Every piece is a true piece of art!

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  1. Dear Janny,
    congratulations again. Your stand was really so extremly beautiful and a feast for the eyes! And it was nice to meet you in person and not only via mail. I wish you a huge success when you're presenting your new designs in your online shop.

  2. Dear Andrea, It was nice to meet you too in person!! You are a very lovely woman! Thank you so much for the congrats!! Love Janny

  3. Janny, CONGRATULATIONS on a very beautiful space! I love how you set everything up! Your friend's embroidery is so stunning!! I LOVE the swans. How would I contact her if I was interested in a piece?

  4. Congratulations Janny - a well deserved award. I love your online shop and could quite easily spend far more than I actually do! Your stand at the German fair looks lovely, it's a pity I can't see it in real life. Very well done!

  5. Congratulations! It looks beautiful - I'm not surprised you did so well! Best wishes

  6. Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd, je hebt ook zulke prachtige spulletjes, daar konden ze niet
    anders :)

    Lieve groetjes Mieke

  7. Three cheers for you Janice !!! Where have I been,I didn't hear that,shame on me :-(! But at most I'm glad to met you face-to-face and I'm very proud to be one of the makers of your amazing project!!! Hugs,Jeannette x

  8. Congratulations! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-)

  9. Gefeliciteerd!!!
    Je verdient het, de kraam ziet er echt supermooi uit en je hebt fantastische miniaturen gemaakt.

  10. Hi….
    Your blog is superrrrr
    Merry Christmas !!!
    Greetings from TURKEY :)

  11. Congratulations!! Also you have a very lovely site!