vrijdag 9 november 2012

Old Bear House

The bears kits of Emily Farmer are absolutely wonderful to make. I made them each with an own character and a playing a part of their own story. But ...... they had still have to live somewhere? 
The "Old Bear House" is specially made for these bears and is althought it is in the half scale, it is very easy to work in and with. This is due to the height of the ceilings. My bears just love to live in this gorgeous old cosy house. This house I presented at the International Dollhouse Fair in Apeldoorn (Holland) in October 2012.

I used hobby clay to give the walls a nice old look, to make a chimney (there is real smoke comming out of the chimney!!) and to make the roof. This is very simple to do. You can just use cheap glue for wood and paste the clay onto this. It will hold perfectly.

I found some gorgeous plants and flowers that I just love to use. They are laser cut and you can even paint them if you wish to do so. I use them for almost verything now for the half scale as nice flowers, plants for in the garden, as weed and as spices. But I also use them frequently in the 1/12th scale as small garden plants and flowers and as weed. Just let you imagination go, there are so many possibilities!
On the photo below, you can also see the use of the plants and.....papa Bear! 
He is going to dispose some "weed" and garden waste.
The chicken on his head is just a funny detail. I thought: Why only placing them on the ground...they love to sit high :).

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  1. ¡Me encanta, es una casa realmente encantadora! Enhorabuena!

    ¡Un abrazo enorme!

  2. Jammer genoeg heb ik het huisje niet in Arnhem kunnen bewonderen maar er is zoveel moois te zien. Het huis leeft! En vooral dankzij de prachtige beren. Een genot om naar te kijken.

    Groetjes, Roelie

  3. Your Bear house is gorgeous. Wonderful details. I love the hen on the bears head :D
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you for your compliment Maria.

    2. Your Bear house is fantastic, charming and whit so many fine details. Very beautiful.


  4. What a lovely little project and I really like the exterior finish of the property too.

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