zondag 11 november 2012

Olivier & Co

When there was a Old Bear House with all it's inhabitants, it would be logical if there would come a bear shop. Well: here it is OLIVIER & CO. The teddy bears can buy anything here: from fabrics to spices, from bread to tea.

Front view of Olivier & Co.
This shop was a real challenge for me to make: half scale but filled with detail like as in 1:12th scale.

Bakery Corner. 
All the furniture is called the Olivier Series and is laser cut. There is a great choice of graphics that create an amazing addition to the furniture. There are graphics in Dutch and in English, which you can combine endlessly.

The Grocery and Spice department.
 It took me several months to make the Old Bear House and the Olivier & Co Shop, but, oh gosh, what a joy to do so!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. A very charming store you have made, with many fine details. I love your color choice of both shop furniture and sales topics. Very well done. I understand you enjoyed making it.

  2. I love them! Such a lot of detail has been crammed into something so small. I would love to be as good as this!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic job! Now the only thing you need are a few bears browsing the shop. I can just imagine one bear looking at all the nice new fabric, and another deciding what kind of cheese to buy, an old bear looking if they got the special tobacco he ordered,.... Amazing detail!


  4. Wonderful shop. So many beautiful details. I love the shelves and all the beautiful items. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  5. This is absolutely incredible. The attention to detail - and you've really captured the atmosphere of the setting. I'm going back for a 2nd inspection! :D

  6. This is so good - I love all the tiny details.

  7. Wat een schattig beren "general store"!!! Al die kleine dingen... Echt gelukzakken, die beren!!!

  8. Lovely scenes, adorable little shops!

  9. Wonderful shops!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Wonderful shop. So many beautiful details.