zaterdag 16 april 2011

The final chapter of the Peacock Room

Tough Roman pots complete the elegant window with seating.
They are filled with ivy and moss.
Small plover eggs are there for decoration and are announce the approaching spring.
To give the ornamental pots extra cachet, the foots are framed by a double wicker wreath.
The two tall candles in candleholders fill this corner
every evening with a friendly, soft lighting.
She's happy here, both in the evening as in the morning.
A stationary map is closed to keep its secrets carefully.
Amid all the luxury of the room
the attention is drawn to a delicate cup filled with aromatic tea.
A warm baguette is just moored rich with marmalade,
ready to be eaten.

It's morning.
Just as in music, sun shines in the air and in the hearts.
A playful breeze flutters the curtains and she thinks:
Life is so beautiful!
And tomorrow?
Tomorrow there will be a brand new day ....
for me also!

This room I have made for my best friend Marga. A while ago she was diagnozed with cancer end she is still fighting for her life (and to get it back). It was a very special project and in this story I told some happenings we have experienced together. If you have read the story then you will understand that this beautiful lady who lives in this room is my dearest friend and all the charactaristics and qualities of the lady are her qualities. There is only one thing I want to add..........and that is my love for Marga!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful...both room and story...i've loved the installments...thank you :D Linda x

  2. Janny, I've enjoyed every bit of these postings and the sentiment behind them. It's a beautiful room and a beautiful story.

  3. Wat heb je dat prachtig gemaakt en verteld Janny.
    Heel verdrietig wat jou vriendin en jij moeten doormaken.
    Mijn zus/nicht heeft het niet gered maar ik hoop het allerbeste voor Marga en jou!!!

    groet Heleni

  4. Dear Janny
    I am very moved by the story and impressed with your beautiful work. I wish Marga all the best of luck and health, my thoughts will be with you both and your wonderful friendship.
    Love, Susanne

  5. A beautiful creation to celebrate a beautiful friendship. What can be more heartwarming than to receive a gift made with so much love?

    I pray for your friend's recovery soon! My dad fought a stage 3 cancer and that was 17 years ago. He has been in remission since. Marga, stay positive :)!