vrijdag 15 april 2011

Peacock Room Chapter VII

On the large rug is a Biedermeier chair.
The back is beautifully decorated and the seat made of soft moss green Alcantara.
On the small sewing table is a piece of fabric, needle, thread, bobbin thread, scissors and a bowl with pearl buttons and little white opal are waiting to be picked up by skilled fingers.
On the ground, a sewing box with the finest threads and buttons.
You would almost think that this is a unique creation.
But is this true?
The answer is: Yes, wholeheartedly yes!
She has outdone herself this time.
I’m going to tell you......

It is clear that this is a room from a very fashionable lady.
Paris fashion is followed closely.
If she is going out, she always looks perfectly dressed.
She just has an eye for beautiful things and knows sublime to combine.
At this moment she is busy with the creation of an extravagant evening gown.
Extravagant but still simplicity to amaze on another area.
Another area?

Well yes: her sparkling personality and her wonderful qualities are reflected in this dress.
The skirt of the dress falls, partly through the thin fabric, like a waterfall gently downwards.
Apparently splashing water droplets sticking like small crystals onto bottom of the skirt, just above the thin lace.
The hip area is accentuated by little white opals.
On the front there is a large satin bow with an agate
(one of the birthstones of the Virgin).
At the rear, tiny pearl buttons are visible.

The whole is a perfect beauty and shines serenity and elegance.
Still ... .. the dress is not finished:
a few little opals are to be attached, there are now over 110.
Never mind........., there will be time enough.

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  1. Oh¡¡¡¡¡¡es precioso¡¡¡Felicidades por tu buen gusto y tu maravilloso trabajo.Besos

  2. Hi Janny,with every chapter of the peacock room I find something new.This room and all the things you have put together to a beautiful scene is so amazing.All my compliments !!!Hugs,Jeannette x

  3. oooooooooooooo love it!!! :D Linda x

  4. This is one of the prettiest dresses Ive seen, beautiful! Katexx

  5. Ongelooflijk mooie bruidsjurk, maar het bed op de achtergrond vind ik ook geweldig mooi...

    groet Heleni

  6. Janny - you've outdone yourself this time. The dress is beautiful.

  7. Que precioso trabajo, es absolutamente maravilloso!!!
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  8. Es una auténtica maravilla. Enhorabuena!

  9. Wat een prachtige jurk, Janny, dat is inderdaad ook een van de mooisten die ik ook zag!

  10. very beautiful, I like very much your scenes
    this is my blog http://pilarcalledollhouses.blogspot.com

  11. This is the most beautiful miniature dress I have seen. And the sewing scene is very nice.

  12. Wow dat is een mooie jurk, fantastish gemaakt.
    De hele kamer is trouwens prachtig.