zondag 3 april 2011

For my dearest friend Marga

It has been a long time ago that I have written on my blog. From this day on I hope I will have time again to write some and keep you all informed what I have been doing and making.
The last few month I have made a room for my dearest friend Marga.
I promised her to finish a complete room for her enormous dollhouse.
So......this is what I have been doing the last few months.
It is not only a complete furnished room, but there is also a story that fits with the room.
And that story I want to share with you, together with the pictures, so you can see what I have made for her. It is a long story, so every time I will publish a part of it.
Imagine that during the telling of the story there was harpsichord music on the background.

Here is beginning of the story:

The Peacock Room

Tonight everything is all about sharing happiness and friendship with each other.
I hope I can give with this room a little bit of happiness to you.
Happiness I feel in my heart when I think of you.
 This room, my dear friend, is completely custom made with lots of love for you.

I will take you by my hand and let you carry away in the story about this room.

In a rather extravagant interior, filled with patinated furniture,
old and handmade ornaments and embellishments,
everything remains still surprisingly clear.
You could say that the room is furnished with atmosphere.
An atmosphere where you curious enough feel at "home ".
 The room is a celebration,
a breathless celebration of joy and delightful sights,
a room of softness and beauty.

Today it's a beautiful day,
the sun is shining and there are small pieces blue sky.
It is a day one feels happy.
It's spring, you smell it, you taste it, feel it,
new life is in the air!

Let us first try to imagine who this woman is from whom we may visit her room?
Is she elegant, arrogant or is she posturing like a duchess?
The answer is: No.
Although these qualities you may expect a little bit from any person who lives in this house,
but nothing is less true: it is a distinctly friendly, slightly naughty wife with an charming personality.

We are going to push open the door of her room and we're going to surprise her!
Are you coming with me?

At this time I opened the dollhouse so she could see the room for the first time.

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel mooi!!het verhaal erbij is hartverwarmend..

  2. What a beautiful room and such a lovely, kind thought. I can understand why your time has been taken up elsewhere. The bed, especially, is beautiful.

  3. He tenido que mirar varias veces la segunda foto, pues me parecia algo tan real¡¡¡¡ Felicidades por el gran trabajo

  4. o myyyyyyyyyyyy its fabulous!! i love it...perfect!! :D Linda x

  5. Wat een prachtige kamer, een mooi verhaal en bovenal een ontzettend lief cadeau voor jouw vriendin.

  6. Such a wonderful gift from one friend to another. A lovely room with a delightful atmosphere and I am curious to know more about the lady of the room :0)

    I´ve had an idea for a peacock room too, and when I read the headline I was very excited too see what you have done with the theme.

  7. Very beautiful, can´t wait to see more!
    Love, Susanne

  8. O quarto é lindo! Muito real! É uma verdadeira inspiração!

  9. Thank you so very much all, for all the lovely comments. You make me blush!!

  10. This is a very very pretty room! Lucky your Friend is:)

  11. What a beautiful room and such a nice gift! The peacock is gorgeous! In Miniature Style II - Projects, pix, profiles!

  12. Hey Janny,I adore the beautiful room you have made.It's perfect and has everything that a woman feels cozy :-)!Hugs,Jeannette x

  13. Wat een geweldig mooi verhaal, en wat is de kamer prachtig geworden!!

    Groetjes Mieke

  14. It's absolutly gorgeous and i love the beautiful story behind it, Love and big hugs, for you and Marga

  15. Beautiful room!! It looks so real. Cheers, Jean

  16. Het is geweldig om zo een kamer in mijn huis te hebben. Maar de kamer gaat pas leven gaat pas echt leven als je het verhaal er achter hoort.
    Het is jammer dat jullie de muziek die Janny heeft uitgekozen er niet bij kunnen horen, Het geeft het geheel zo'n sereniteit. Janny heeft met zoveel gevoel en liefde deze dames salon ontworpen dat ik bijna verlegen wordt als ik me realiseer dat het verhaal over mij gaat.
    Lieve vriendin Janny bedankt dat je dit voor mij gedaan hebt. Ook jouw Simon wil ik bedanken voor zijn aandeel hierin.

    I love you both.

  17. Prachtige kamer en waanzinnig verhaal, in een woord geweldig!

  18. Janny dear, what a pleasure to hear from you ...
    I was sure you were ready for something extraordinary, and now I have the confirmation :-)
    This room is wonderful, along with the history that accompanies it: the closet is my favorite piece, of course :-)
    But is all, all beautiful.
    I am sending you a mini hug, waiting to read the rest of the story...

  19. Dear Janny :

    This is just a gift of love ... what a great satisfaction it´s to have a FRIEND to give it to, to do it for...God Bless your friendship and I´m sure your friend is very proud and grateful to life for the gift of true friendship and of course that you put it together with your hands in this magnificent room, where she can just sit and dream!

    A big hug from México


  20. Wat een adembenemend verhaal (nu al) en de kamer is echt een plaatje!! Zo ontzettend stijlvol :)

    Liefs Jollie