maandag 4 april 2011

Peacock Room Part II

Remember the story of the Peacock Room?
This is the second chapter of the story.

She comes from a strong family and looks a lot like her mother:
They look flimsy, but oh boy, what a strong spirit these ladies have!
Her mother makes the most beautiful paintings
and often have a deeper sense.

This is the painting of the cranes, she has made.
Cranes are considered auspicious and stand as a symbol of longevity.
With this underlying meaning,
this little masterpiece couldn't simply not been missed in this room.

All the furniture you see are painted in an infinitely subtle color.
A color that is very sensitive to light variations and
change each time depending on the time and illumination.

In the corner stands a peacock cabinet.
The meaning of the peacock is generally titled with immortality.
The feathered tail upward means pride and down means humility.
The featers in this case are turned down.

In the cabinet are tidy piles of bedding, warm blankets and
a varieaty of perfumes fighting for the very best place.
Open or closed this cabinet is a joy for the eye.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het is echt super mooi geworden! Knap werk en Marga gefeliciteerd met zo´n lieve vriendin en prachtige kamer!

  2. I love the story and the room is perfection!! :D Linda x

  3. I'm eagerly following this story and each picture is better than the last - it's a beautiful room.

  4. Weer iets bijgeleerd over pauwen! :) Wat leuk om dat te lezen, en de kast is zoooo mooi!!!!
    Liefs Jollie