zondag 10 april 2011

The Peacock Room Chapter V

The Peacock Room Chapter V

On the nightstand on the left side of the bed,
there is a picture of her husband.
So if he is away for business,
he still can whisper sweet words before she is going to sleep.
He is her support and anchor and her tower of strength.
And when he's away?
Then she cherishes his letters and read them again and again.
When he returns home, love will be celebrating.
Love should be celebrated at any age
for the heart knows no wrinkles!

Both on the cap of the perfume bottle as on the ladies eyeglasses,
are small crystals twinkling.
On the other nightstand there is is a "crystal" decanter with a glass of water,
a few books and a small ladies handkerchief with roses motif.

On the footboard of the bed is carelessly tossed a fur stole:
Last night she went out for dinner and was too tired to clean up everything neatly.

Her golden shoes she put out also quickly to be able to go to bed.
She is so happy with her ​​gold shoes. Once, during an unexpected visit to the city of Gouda,
did she saw that kind of shoes and she was blown away by them.
However there was no time to look carefully and to fit them,
she couldn't get the picture of those beautiful shoes not out of her head.
Eventually she asked her own shoemaker whether he could make that kind of shoes.
Look at the result: they fit her perfectly and together with her ​​going out creations,
it looks completely royal.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Está lindo! Adoro. Ficou super real e é uma verdadeira inspiração!


  2. PRECIOSO¡¡¡ es una habitación adorable.Los zapatos son una maravilla.Felicidades por tu buen trabajo.

  3. It is a beautiful room. I LOVE how the ( I assume bed spread) is draped over the corner of the foot board on the left side.

  4. 'Het hart vertoont geen rimpels' dat vind ik een prachtige uitspraak, past zo mooi in het hele verhaal :)
    De kamer is erg bijzonder, zeker ook omdat ze haar kleren zo heeft laten liggen omdat ze te moe was, het geeft echt een sfeertje in de kamer.

    Liefs Jollie

  5. This is so well executed and beautifully done.

  6. Preciosa habitación con unos detalles muy bonitos. Un saludo, Eva

  7. Een prachtige slaapkamer, mooie details erg romanties.