dinsdag 12 april 2011

Peacock Room Chapter VI

Next to the bed is a suitcase filled with treasures:
pictures of her family:
husband, child, grandchild, mother, sisters and brother,
they are all present and give her a daily smile around her mouth.
The warmth, the solidarity with each other and love makes her a rich person.
She knows this and she cherish this.

On the high bust on the dresser shines a beautiful necklace of small crystals.
A matching bracelet, carelessly lay down at the base of the bust.
The earrings, hidden behind her diary, makes this set complete.
They have little sapphires and are her birth stones.
She attaches great importance to the meaning of these stones as sapphire means hope.
In the ring box is a precious jewel. It was from her mother’s side of the family and is an antique ring with a peridot.

On the right side of the dresser is also a tableau with family heirlooms.
This time from the family of her husband's side: a bracelet of amethyst with matching ring and earrings.
All true showpieces that would have to be stored in a safe
if the sparkle, given by the daily sunlight, wouldn’t give so much pleasure.

If you look closely you can see on the left
a delicate antique French lace shawl almost slip off the table.
Ofcourse the perfume bottles are a must on this beautiful table.

The roses, next to the dresser, are beautiful but on their return.
Occasionally there's a petal swirling onto the ground.
Ms. loves roses. They smell delicious.
The soft petals are carefully picked up and stored to dry.
Some of them are laying down on special spots,
so that they can spread the last perfume that they still carry, throughout the room.
On the diary, which she carefully kept, is also a petal laying down.

Above the dresser there are three portraits of her children, all smiling at their mother.
She has her children given a safe and warm nest and the opportunity to really be a child.
This has greatly strengthened their self-esteem and the three become great adults.
The love she always gave, she gets back from them daily.

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  1. Que precioso conjunto, me encanta ese estilo.
    Se ve fantastico!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Everything is lovely and put together in this setting they compliment each other beautifully, just gorgeous :)

  3. That is sooooo wonderful. I love everything about it including the colors. :-))))

  4. Het is weer prachtig en ook leuk om alle details steeds weer uitgelicht te zien.

  5. So much thought has gone into this - it's just lovely.